3D Geological Modeling

Thanks to more than 10 years of modeling experience in economic geology (mining, quarrying), geotechnical and environmental geology, and analogues of petroleum systems, PLS has the expertise to bring structural geology, petrology, petro-physical properties, geophysics, into a comprehensive 3D model.
The three-dimensional visualization of multidisciplinary data, as properties and attributes, lead to improved knowledge of the spatial distribution and variation of key parameters, more constrained understanding of the problems, better plan and approach the job to be done.

    Services available include:

  • Data handling and project management;
  • Structural survey and 3D modeling of relevant details;
  • Reconstruction of 3D geo-lithological, petrological and geo-chemical shells;
  • Spatial distribution of petro-physical and chemical properties in a 3D geology frame;
  • Vectorialization of indicators of interest, inside the 3D model;
  • Advanced targeting and risk assessment.

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3D Geological Modeling
3D Geological Modeling
3D Geological Modeling